Hello German Language learner,

I welcome you warmly on my blog.


For whom is this blog?

  This blog is not only for my students who take one on one German classes with me but for anyone who is interested in German Language and who is currently learning German.


What is this blog about ?

  Here you will find random small articles written by me in German accompanied by photos taken by me while in Germany somewhere.

At the end of each article you will find a conversation. They are about daily life situations, e.g. ordering a coffee at a Café, booking a hotel room over the phone or asking for directions on the street.

  Not only can you read and practise them but you could rewrite those if you wanted to enhance your learning and memorising. Here are some tipps on how you can rewrite a conversation:

Keep the overall pattern of the conversation the same but you may try following:

  1.  replace adjectives or nouns with different adjectives and nouns
  2. find a synonym or antonym of a verb
  3. add adverbs
  4. change sentence structure
  5. transform a formal conversation (using the “Sie”) into an informal conversation (using the informal “du’ or “ihr”)
  6.  add an extra word here and there
  7.  replace a “Konjunktiv II” with an “Imperativ”
  8. you may add a “Modalverb”
  9. create one single sentence out of 2 and use subordinate clauses to practise the different sentence structure

As you see there are so many possibilities to practise and engage just by transforming a simple conversation



What Level of German should you be?

 I will not be teaching German on this blog. However, if you are an A1 Level Learner you will find articles and conversations on this blog suitable for A1 Level.  You will also find slightly more challenging articles on my blog should you be a more advanced learner.

I will update this blog with new daily life conversations every month. So I will add at least one new article and conversation every month.


How did the blog came about?

My students inspired me to create a blog like this. Especially when teaching in group classes at University or a private language school, students would always come up to me and ask the same question: “Where can I practise reading and listening on a A or B Level?” Books and even the newspaper are too challenging and overwhelming, they said.

  Personally I love taking photographs with my rather low quality and cheap little camera. However, I love taking photos and one day while visiting Dresden the idea of my blog was born. I was strolling around at the stunning “Zwinger”, took some pictures and was thinking of my students, who all love travelling to Europe or Germany. I thought it would be a great idea to let students be part of my daily Life situations/ conversations in Germany while taking a picture of the place and creating a conversation to it. While giving some cultural background information to the place I have visited.


Leave comments on my blog!

Feel free to leave comments or feedback about the articles and to post your version of the conversations in the comment section of the blog for others to be inspired to do the same. I am already exited about reading some of your creative work. And feel free to let me know what kind of daily life situation/conversation you would like to see on my blog. I will try to answer each comment or feedback personally and comment on your conversations created by you.



the “kind of policy”


  On this blog I am not teaching German, nor correcting your conversations, nor explaining anything regarding grammar or sentence structure.  Any questions regarding one on one lessons or for any personal questions  please go to my contact page, where you will find a form to fill in.

  I keep the right to delete any comment which is not related to the blog or is in any form disrespectful towards others.

  I don’t really have a policy for this blog but it is a kind of “listen let’s all behave nicely and kindly then things will go well for us all to share in this space”, sort of policy. ?



Enjoy this blog!

  Finally I am inviting all German Lerners and enthusiasts to read, practise and engage on here and with other students and definitely come back for more.

The first article is soon to come!

Viel Spaß auf meinem Blog!

eure Susanne


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