Yoga and German

German and Yoga ?


"Yoga is the journey

of the self,

through the self,

to the self." 

The Bhagavad Gita


 Imagine Life to be like a river, that is the current, flowing very fast.  For me Yoga is like a chain to hold on to in this rushing flow of Life. My almost-daily Meditation and Yoga practise develops a relationship with the sacred space within. It develops a relationship with the Devine that is a Life saver, because it gives me inspiration and a sense of connection. It helps me to push against my tendency to be self absorbed and opens up questions on my purpose on earth. 


The combination of movement, breathing and meditation is more powerful for our brain health than one of its components of its own. Yoga opens the door to increased memory and cognitive function. It also helps improve our emotional regulation to reduce stress or anxiety.

Because of the wonderful impact Yoga has on my Life I'd love nothing more than to share my insight with you.



German & Yoga

I invite you to dive into Yoga with me. This will enhance your learning methods. All of my private students thrive to be fluent in German within only 4 years, while living in a non-German speaking environment.

With a regular practise of Yoga you'll become a more focussed and clear minded learner when absorbed in one topic. You'll have a sense of control and self-efficacy with respect to stress and emotion. Besides you'll increase resilience over time to master each learning goal with ease and satisfaction, on a road that you can visualise clearly.


I have completed a professional and intensive 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with 'Shades of Yoga' in Bali, Ubud in 2019.

Receiving your feedback to learn about your needs and wishes for your wellbeing and health would be invaluable. So you'll be able with my guidance to propel yourself forward to reach your (language) goal.


Feel free to contact me here.










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