fees 1on1

fees for 1on1 Tutoring  


Single (60 min)                                                             from AUS $79                                                           

10 hours = 5 sessions a' 120 min                             from AUS  $690           (1 session a' 120 min weekly or fortnightly) = $69 hourly



I welcome payments in Bitcoin and payments in Euro and in Australian Dollars. 

only +AUS $15 per hour for every additional student joining ( this reduces the hourly fee for each individual greatly)

You'll receive an Invoice with each payment. 








"I contacted Susanne hoping to find a flexible way to learn German in my spare time with the ultimate goal of achieving the A2 certificate. 
Susanne was great, she was very flexible in her teaching style and schedule and was always very accommodative to my learning needs and goals. Once I started lessons with her, she was able to get me to a standard suitable enough to pass the entire A2 level within three months. 
Susanne's flexibility and kindness allowed me to manage work and other commitments to be able to fit in German in a way that made it completely manageable and very enjoyable. Her ability to identify my strengths and weaknesses really helped us to progress and learn at the pace required to get a grasp of all the content in the demanding time frame I asked of her." 
Peter from Australia, Accountant, likes to travel, Peter passed his A2 exam at the Goethe Institute in June 2021

Fees German one on one"I highly recommend Susanne as your German Tutor. She is a dedicated professional teacher. Her classes are fun, memorable, and educational–everything 

that a good lesson should be. Skype lessons were easy and Susanne taught me everything I need for my first days in Germany."

Svjetlana, Sydney, is studying German at A1 Level, just moved to Germany to study there at University, post from March 2018

sherry-wang"Susanne is a wonderful Teacher helping my study of German. With her interesting teaching style and extreme patience , she has made my study of german become so much more fun and simple. "

Sherry Wang, student at Sydney Conservatorium of music Sydney University & teaching Piano to students, German Level A2

benefit from a creative complimentary 1on1 class with me


You are starved for knowledge and not just information?  You want to experience that transformation within you and become a confident speaker of the German Language? I hear you.

Well, I know what it feels like to feel overwhelmed.  Having learned 2 languages to fluency myself it was a long road, because I had nobody to guide me. All I was looking for was for someone to show me how to learn these languages effectively. Without starting over and over again. I guess, I was looking for someone to show me the right directions at the right times.

Many students say that I have the ability to adapt my teaching style to what the student needs. They also say, I am creative and therefore time flies in a fun way.

Find out for yourself and feel welcome to contact me inquiring about your personal Trial class.

Feel also warmly invited free to try out my free German online mini courses: Spoken German Effortless

I'm looking forward to meeting you on Skype in Person.

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