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Effective and fast learning is important to you so you can achieve superior academic results?

A Job or that entry to the premium University in a german speaking country is a dream of yours?

Confidence, fluidity and ease in speaking is what you want to achieve, because you would love to converse with your partner or family? 

There is nothing more fascinating than travelling through a german speaking country and to be able to communicate effortlessly?

Would you love to close more business deals by communicating in the right way with german speaking business partners?

Are you looking for a committed Tutor who delivers continuous outstanding results with assisting in homework and exam preparation?

Within a relatively short period of time you are eager to reach your next Level of German?

my fees for one on one tuition

Single hour:   AUS $83  

10 hours package:  AUS $73 hourly (total: $730)


  • hourly fees could vary and depend also on your expectations regarding time I invest outside of  a class, intensity of mentoring, evaluation of each class and academic achievement expectations
  • the minimum fees do not apply on weekends, my weekend fees (= Friday, Saturday, Sunday) can be discussed in Person
  • if either part needs to cancel a session, at least 24 hours of notice should be provided. If the student cancels within the 24 hours time frame they can be charged for the session. If I cancel on a very short notice not providing the 24 hour frame you can expect a free session from me
  • within a package a session is minimum 2 hours long, that way we noticeably improve (talking about the previous homework, a little bit of small talk in German, learning new grammar and phrases, practising conversations/ dialogs and applying the skills to daily Life situations) 

Group lessons 

For any additional learner only +AUS $15 per hour, that reduces the hourly rate for the individual learner noticeably within the group almost to half the fee

60 min Complimentary personal consultation and class

  • I'd love to listen to you about your learning goal, the style of classes you prefer, the outcome you want to achieve, what makes you want to commit to private tutoring because I'd love to offer the best service I possibly can
  • experience my teaching style for at least 30 min during that 60 min session, for me a chance to see where you are at
  • I'll proactively establish objectives in advance that you require, we create a possible lesson plan and set the first goal within a certain time frame

GERMA ONLINE WITH SUSANNE"I highly recommend Susanne as your German Tutor. She is a dedicated professional teacher. Her classes are fun, memorable, and educational–everything that a good lesson should be. Skype lessons were easy and Susanne taught me everything I need for my first days in Germany."

Svjetlana, Sydney, is studying German at A1 Level, just moved to Germany to study there at University, post from March 2018

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You are starved for knowledge and not just information and you want to experience that transformation within you and become a confident speaker of the German Language. Right?

Well, I know what it feels like to feel overwhelmed.  Having learned 2 languages to fluency myself it was a long road, because I had nobody to guide me. All I was looking for was for someone to show me how to learn these languages effectively without starting over and over again and I was looking for someone to show me the right directions at the right times.

If you are curious about my 1-on-1 lessons please simply contact me inquiring about a Trial class.

Check out my free German online mini courses: Spoken German Effortless

I'm looking forward meeting you!

sherry-wang"Susanne is a wonderful Teacher helping my study of German. With her interesting teaching style and extreme patience , she has made my study of german become so much more fun and simple. "

Sherry Wang, student at Sydney Conservatorium of music Sydney University & teaching Piano to students, German Level A2