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By Susanne, who is not only a professional German Lecturer but a passionate, experienced and creative human being and Coach who loves providing value with German online courses

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Log on online and enjoy a modern online course that is highly visual and auditory, progressive and exciting. Risk free with 30 day money back guarantee and free chapter 1.

German online course with Susanne

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Step by step & carefully taught with presentations and qizzes, worksheets, listening, conversational and creative exercises, phonetics, videos & a lot more

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Your German Tutor and Coach Susanne Richter
"I find Susanne's course super accessible, logical and thorough. The videos are very easy to watch and not overpowering in any way. I realised that I have learned really a lot and enjoyed feeling competent.

Aside from the content Susanne has a lovely, inviting manner and that counts for a lot too. I found it pleasant looking at Susanne and listening to her thoughtful voice. Style matters as much as content! Without this course I wouldn't have achieved as much."
German online course with Susanne
Jane Randall
"Susanne is the most genuine and dedicated of all teachers I've had. I started Chapter 1 and got hooked and finished chapter 1 with many lessons in 1-1.5hrs!

Susanne's online course is so effective, easy to understand and so professionally well made. Therefore I enjoyed it so much. Susanne, I love how you explain it in a way that is so relatable to us in the most simple and easy way."

effective German course
Leona Teo

You will feel empowered and engaged
while acquiring a unique skillset that helps you to connect to new people and assists you in training your brain muscles.

Susanne German Tutoring

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