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German A1 foundation - Milestone 1

This premium course guides absolute Beginner learner through the first part of the A1 Level, your first foundation. You will learn as fast and effectively and you will love the interactivity & diversity of all exercises that are fun and really short. Enjoy learning actively, so that you can retain your knowledge. Enrol risk free as there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

German A1 Foundation - Milestone 2

An exciting course that will help Beginner German Language Learners acquire new fundamental know-how so they can reach the next Level of A1 quickly by learning more about sentence structure & communication skills in order to have chats that are powerful & confident, even at that basic A1 Level. This course makes it very easy for you to even accomplish a small lesson on a busy day and to level up your German in 4 weeks. It's a valuable course with 10 chapters. Check out chapter 1 for FREE. However, don't confuse free for not valuable.

 A1 Foundation - Milestone 1 & Milestone 2 

Enjoy my chapter 1 for FREE

learn German with Susanne

I'm a linguist and a serial language learner, so I have tried out a lot of language-learning products. I found this 'A1 Foundation- Milestone 1' course to be incredibly well-structured, with small manageable lessons, and a platform that really encourages sustained use (each lesson greys out because it is completed, which is really satisfying!)

I worked on this course during a pretty busy time in my life but I was still motivated to log in each day and do at least a little bit. It is easy to squeeze in a little bit of learning, even if you only have 15 minutes. In the end it took me about a month to complete, but I could have done it much faster if I put in more time each day.

After I completed the course, I signed up for my first lesson with another German tutor (not Susanne, only because I'm in a very different timezone) and he was really impressed at my ability. I had started from zero and this course was my only method of study for a month, so he couldn't believe I was already chatting and understanding him from the beginning of our first meeting!

Definitely try it out if you want to learn some basic German!

Sara-Maria, lives in Malaysia, linguist and "digital nomad", speaks 7 languages fluently and learns German and other languages, she visits Berlin in 2019 and therefore did my online course to get the foundations of German



Check out the following article about my course by Sara-Maria Husban on her website here:

"Spoken German with Susanne Richter, by Linguist Sara-Maria Husban"

German Tutor"I got home and started Chapter 1 and got hooked and finished the entire thing in 1-1.5hrsYour online course is so effective and easy to understand and so well made!
I enjoyed it so much and because it is reallllly effective, I understood every single thing and scored 100% for the final quiz!
I love how you explain it in a way that is so relatable to us in the most simple and easy way!
You are amazing!!
Looking forward to our lesson tomorrow!"
This wonderful email (thank you Leona!) I received from Leona from Singapore, she is working at a Beauty salon and wants to work as an Au Pair for a while in München, Germany. I feel delighted to be guiding her in my online course toward her success in the A1  exam, Testimonial from June '19
"I find Susanne's  online course "A1 foundation- Milestone 1" super accessible, logical and thorough.  The videos are very easy to watch and not overpowering in any way. I realised that I have learned a lot and enjoyed feeling competent. Aside from the content Susanne has a lovely, inviting manner and that counts for a lot too. I found it pleasant looking at Susanne and listening to her thoughtful voice. Style matters as much as content! Without this course I wouldn't have achieved as much.
Jane from Australia, she is A1 Level, she loves to be fluent and is visiting Berlin later this year in 2019.

Susanne's German A1 foundation Milestone 1 course is professional and thorough. It's a very comprehensive but easy to progress through course. Plenty of practice both speaking and written exercises with answers and corrections from Susanne who is a very friendly tutor.
The course also provides insights into the way things are done in Germany - for example tipping in restaurants.
I would recommend for those starting out learning the German language or for those preparing for a trip to Germany.

Rachel from Australia, she is learning German at A1 & A2 Level, this review is from March 2019

learn GermanSusanne's course "A1 foundation-Milestone 1"  is even better than I expected it to be. I can understand a simple short story written in German in lesson 8 of this course.
I expected just only I can read simple sentences but the course gives me an opportunity to learn how to write a short story and a lot of practice. It enables me also to speak in simple sentences, latest by chapter 9 I really feel this noticeably.

I encourage you to enrol to the course if you do not understand German but want to learn at your own pace with fantastic online support by Susanne - an experienced German teacher.

Phuwadol, Thailand, studies German at A1 Level, he is doing his PhD and would love to apply for the DAAD scholarship, his Review is from March 2019

And here below is a selection of my FREE German interactive online mini courses. Enjoy! 

How to introduce a friend - A1 Level

FREE German mini course. Learn within 15 min how you introduce a female or male friend/ colleague to someone else with a few simple statements and how to respond to someone being introduced to you.

Introduce yourself with 7 statements - A1 Level for absolute Beginners

This FREE mini course (15 min) teaches you how you can introduce yourself in German, how to greet and when to actually use the phrase "How are you". For complete Beginner learner.

How to answer WHY questions - A2 Level

FREE German mini course. How to answer WHY questions in German and how to use the conjunctions "weil" and "denn" correctly. You learn what a subordinate clause is and what the difference between those 2 conjunctions means grammatically. This course is Interactive with Videos, Audio, Worksheets, and Quizzes. This A2 course is suitable for anyone who has completed A1 Level and is starting A2 Level German.

Let's talk about TIME and subordinate clauses with "wenn" - B1 Level

This FREE German mini course is B1 Level and for anyone who has completed A1 & A2 Level. You will learn to express how time passes to you while doing something you like or dislike. Grammatically the focus is on subordinate clauses with "wenn" and you will understand the difference to "wann". Besides you will be introduced to a variety of new exciting vocabulary around the topic "time".

shopping in Berlin - end of A1 Level

This FREE German mini course on "shopping in Berlin" helps tourists and travellers who love fashion learn how to ask specific questions and use practical phrases so they can make the most out of the German shopping experience.

How to express contrast in German - B2 Level

FREE German mini course: Learn how to express contrast with 3 connecting words and let's practise the different possibilities of sentence structure using those connecting words " dennoch", "trotzdem" and "zwar...aber".

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