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My Mission

Hey there, I'm Susanne. I aim to prepare you for A,B and C Level German ( and exams) as effective, straight forward, focussed and in as little time as possible! 

My vision is to create a learning journey that is empowering, stimulative and engaging, active and goal-oriented within a learning environment that stimulates reflexion, is flexible and self-directed and is matching YOUR needs as the learner.

My goal is to maximise your potential and to keep you and each learner valued, committed, engaged and motivated.

andrew-kennedy-testimonial"I have learnt German from Susanne for three years.  The best things about her for my situation are how she is very flexible in the times we can meet, and also very understanding of my needs, learning style, ability level, and interests, to create lessons that are challenging but certainly useful and fun.

She has a lot of different teaching resources and her experience means she can always explain well and solve problems.  Also - she's just great company!  I recommend learning with her for sure."

Dr Andrew Kennedy, 38 years young,  from Sydney Australia, Anaesthetist & Clarinetist, German Level B1/ B2

Does your Company have a language strategy?


As companies seek to grow internationally they must consider how they wish their employees to communicate with each other. Developing a corporate language strategy is key to breaking down communication barriers and building a truly global and collaborative organisation.

Successful international companies recognise the importance that culture plays in combination with Language skills. Although proficiency in a language allows the employee to communicate verbally in another culture, cultural awareness will provide the employee with the ability to find the best style to communicate effectively within the local culture, both verbally and non-verbally. Choosing how directly to speak, what eye contact level is appropriate and how to read between the lines to pick up nuances such as what was intentionally left unsaid are necessary communicating skills to posses, wether it is in business or in your personal Life.


I believe, no matter your age or background, you can learn German effortlessly.

If you’ve been searching for better ways of learning German, improving and growing, I’m here to help you fall in love with learning again. Please, reach out and tell me how I can serve you on your learning journey. 

 I can’t wait to be your German Language Coach to assist you on your individual journey or to help your company succeed in communicating in German Language.


Also I am creating and providing interactive online courses for your company, your employees or for you as a business man/ woman to be able to provide an even more flexible way of learning, yet without diminishing the quality of content and learning effectiveness.  Many Freelancer and business people are looking for a flexible way of learning, which can still provide the quality of University standard and promise success. For an order of at least 50 courses I am providing a discount of 50% for each course.

Please check out below what the business woman, professional linguist and digital nomad Sara-Maria Husban says about my online courses:


German online course with SusanneIn February 2019, I decided to learn some basic German to get me through an upcoming business trip to Munich and Berlin. It was perfect timing when Susanne reached out to me through Instagram, to see if i was interested in testing out her new interactive online course 'A1 Foundation - Milestone 1'!

At the time of writing this, I’m working on the last lesson of the course, and I am really impressed. Overall this German course is very well-structured, and each lesson is relatively short, so even if I only have fifteen minutes I can squeeze in some study (I’m generally pretty busy, so short and manageable chunks are crucial for any sustainable study plan).

It is very satisfying to see the completed lessons turn grey!

Now that I’m at the end of Susanne’s course, I signed up to meet with a tutor to see how far it had gotten me. Right from the start, we were speaking in German.

After the first few minutes of chatting, he said: “I can’t believe you can understand me after just a few weeks of online study!”

I think this is because Susanne’s course really emphasizes 1) speaking (so…even though I often did this at coffee shops, I would just put on a headset so people thought I was talking on the phone and not just…speaking German to myself  ) and 2) repetition (the course has a lot of built-in repetition so that you’re not likely to forget what you just learned).

Pros: Well-organized, easy to stay motivated, can do the course from anywhere and whenever it is convenient for you (while taking the course I was living in Malaysia, logging on from cafes all over Penang and Malacca!) Also, Susanne has a very soothing voice…her lessons are oddly very calming!

Cons: At AUS $449  it is on the expensive side when compared to free and freemium learning tools. But the free and freemium tools will not be as well-structured or provide nearly as much content. Considering the value and the convenience, I would say that it is definitely worth it if you are too busy to enrol in a university course, but want the same level of instruction.

Susanne’s Spoken German course is now available to the general public, you can purchase it here. By the way, for full disclosure, Susanne offered me the course for free in exchange for a (truthful) review, but the purchase link above is not an affiliate link. I am recommending and promoting the course solely based on my own very positive experience.

I’ll be posting my German learning updates on Instagram and YouTube. If you’re learning German, come follow along!


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