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I have learnt C1.1 with Susanne. It's such a fun and wonderful journey. We did this with Sicher C1.1 book. In C1 level, there are a lot of local German phrases that you need a native German speaker to guide you through. Sometimes you understand every vocabulary but do not understand the meaning as a phrase. Susanne can always explain the meaning of those phrases clearly and practice with me with some examples. Other than Susanne's skill on guiding me to local German phrases, learning with Susanne is also fun. We have made a lot of live practices and she is also easy to talk to when exchanging our experiences in life. Overall, it's a wonderful journey and I highly recommend learning with Susanne to bring your German to next level!

Shelly, originally from Taiwan, lives in Berlin, C1 Level German, studied Business in Berlin

German 1 to 1 Sydney"I had been self-studying German intensely for around 5 months in preparation for the proposed Brexit date at the end of October 2019.  My goal was to pass the required B1 German language exam and ultimately gain dual nationality. With less than a week to go until the exam, I felt like I was in need of a professional German teacher especially with the conversation part of the exam which I was getting particularly nervous about. The pressure was on to find the right teacher for me, somebody who could fulfill my needs at such short notice.  I also needed someone to immediately click with too, so I was delighted and relieved to find all those qualities in Susanne. 
Having only self-studied prior to meeting Susanne, she was very generous with her advice of support material to accelerate my studies which I would not have discovered by myself. There are lots of learning resources and courses on her website which I also found very useful. With no time to waste, we dived straight in with role-playing on Skype as a partner/examiner. I think overall her patience and ability to make me feel at ease with that, is a very special quality with her teachings. She helped me gain control over my pre-exam nerves with her support, which was a great boost to my confidence.  I believe Susanne really made a huge difference to me passing overall. I ended up passing the speaking part of the exam with a score of 94%.  
From the very first time, we met on Skype, Susanne immediately felt like a friend.  In my eyes, she gives you exactly what you need to accelerate your learning and makes it fun too. I appreciate the fact that she is also creative like me, and that her command of the English language meant she was able to explain the grammar theory and sentence structures in a way that I could easily understand and put into practice. 
I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you are really serious about improving your German language skills, look no further! I look forward to continuing my German language learning journey and it is great to know that I have someone like Susanne by my side...thank you!"
Circe Lucas, Artist, B1 Level German, from Britain, lives in Germany
Here you can see her amazing work

German Tutor Susanne"Susanne is a joy to have as a teacher. She is full of enthusiasm and patience, has a stellar knowledge of German and is able to perfectly tailor lessons to your goals. I initially thought that lessons over Skype might be difficult, but it turned out to be one of the best parts of learning with Susanne. She is very flexible and it was so easy to schedule lessons whenever suited me, and we never had difficulties with internet speeds or lag. For me, taking lessons would've been almost impossible with a face to face tutor because of university, work, overseas travel and a generally hectic schedule, so I'm very grateful for Susanne's lessons which let me continue to study German. Cannot recommend any more highly!"

Antony from Sydney, installation and light artist, here is his amazing work, speaks German at C1 Level

September 2019


Testimonial"I was looking for online lessons as I didn't have time to attend my usual classes and I wanted to continue learning German. I wanted to be able to catch up to my next class and ensure that I was at the right level, particularly with grammar and speech skills. The Skype lessons were very convenient and Susanne has been an attentive teacher, helping me to improve in many areas and ensuring that I did not miss anything. I highly recommend her as an online tutor and anyone who wishes to have additional tutoring on top of face-to-face German classes should give her a try."
Naomi from Sydney, Writer, German Level A1.
Testimonial from October 2019


 German with Susanne"My husband and I travel often with our Swiss friends and I decided to learn some German to ease the translation load on them when we visit German speaking countries. Thanks to Susanne's easy and effective teaching style, I am now hooked and will continue aiming for ever higher levels. Susanne was my first choice as a private teacher as I found her very patient and helpful in my initial classes at the university. She has a good sense of humour and our classes are always enjoyable. "

Clyth Hoult, 67 years, lives in Sydney Australia. She is an Australian Artist (paintings with oil, e.g.  portraits) and retired audiologist. Her German is now at a great conversational B2 Level. Clyth has been learning with me for some years now over Skype. 
August 2019

German with SusanneI took Skype lessons with Susanne because I needed help passing the B2 Exam. Susanne taught me how to write for different occasions, express my opinions, and partake in discussions. She has also given me valuable feedback on my homework. I appreciate how much detail she goes into, so that my German sounds more natural and interesting!


Susanne is a highly experienced German teacher. She will answer your questions about grammar in ways that are easy to understand. Her supportive teaching style will also encourage you to leave you comfort zone. This has especially helped me with speaking and improvising. After self-studying German for years and feeling stuck, practicing with Susanne has boosted my progress in a few short months. I now feel confident that I can become fluent in German.


Not only does Susanne have excellent knowledge of German – she is a caring and dedicated teacher who wants you to succeed. Whether you are learning German for fun or practical reasons, I highly recommend taking lessons with Susanne.


Michelle from Sydney, accountant, loves German and reached B2 Level mostly by self study, would like to pass B2 Level exam in 2019. Post from August 2019


learn German with SusanneSusanne is the nicest person, never complains about my terrible scheduling, and I'd like to think has become a friend. Couldn't recommend her more highly. She has been tutoring me for around three years. We started doing classes in person, but now we mainly do classes online/over Skype because of my schedule. Unlike some other tutors I have had (I have had many), classes have always been structured, and my questions about intricate grammar explained on the spot, clearly, thanks to Susanne's expert knowledge of the German language. I had wasted a lot of money with tutors who speak German but don't know how to teach and haven't really learned the grammar as an 'outsider' to the language. It's really worth every penny working with a tutor who has studied how to teach German specifically, and doesn't only know the language - she explains things well and in my experience uses a variety of techniques to get you to engage with language and vocabulary. I have felt carefully guided by Susanne to a much better understanding of German. I now confidently speak German with my partner's German family and everyone has noticed how much I've improved since starting this tutoring.

Harry, B2/2 Level German, from Sydney, Australia, studies gardening and works as a salesman, speaks languages and loves writing

German lessons with SusanneWe were looking for a German Tutor because my son was having difficulty following some parts of his school German lessons. We had a trial lesson with Susanne and were impressed with her warmth, enthusiasm and positive approach to teaching. 
Nicholas: "I've been meeting Susanne twice a week for Skype lessons for the past 18 months. Susanne is flexible with her teaching times and always available by email to answer any questions. Susanne is always very organised and her lessons well structured. She also makes learning German fun!
 What do I enjoy the most? The real life aspect of communicating in German, the postcards, the German card games and comics I enjoy the most!  But also Susanne's encouragement and support and the confidence she gives me to try out my developing language skills.
 My school marks have improved since I began learning with Susanne,  but more importantly I am developing a real understanding of German language and  culture and enjoying my German lessons at school."
Nicolas, High school student Sydney, Australia, 14 years old, Testimonial from June '19

I have been learning German for two years. After the first semester of doing classes face-to-face at the Goethe Institute, I started a full German Tutor Sydneytime Masters degree and instead decided to complete the Goethe course online. Although the course work was useful, it meant that my speaking skills were not up to scratch and I was very shy speaking in class when I started back at the Goethe a year later. That is when I began classes with Susanne! At first I was a bit apprehensive about learning via Skype, but soon discovered that Susanne’s lessons are both engaging and incredibly flexible. My schedule often shifts around and Susanne is always super accommodating. 



The two hour face-to-face format of Susanne’s lessons means that you have the time to not only gain new skills, but practice and hone what you have already learnt. I particularly enjoy the benefit of having a private teacher who can explain difficult concepts in a slow, patient and detailed manner. I recently had to take an interview that was partly in German and Susanne helped me prepare so that I could answer confidently and understand all the different ways that the interview panel might ask me questions. 



My German skills have vastly improved since taking one on one lessons with Susanne. I am still taking group classes at the Goethe Institute and my confidence and ability to ask questions and discuss concepts in German has improved dramatically because of my one-on-one lessons with Susanne. Initially I had thought that I would stop taking lessons with Susanne once my speaking had improved but given how much I like meeting with Susanne and how much my skills have improved, we have kept meeting on a weekly basis. 



Susanne is a fabulous German teacher. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting to learn German, but also those who are already learning in a group environment and would like the opportunity to be able to practice their skills in a more intimate setting. I find that group classes can often move very quickly so having the opportunity to go over concepts and practice one-on-one is an invaluable one! Susanne is patient, kind and very thoughtful in her teaching style. I think that she would make an excellent tutor for people of all ages and levels. 



Claudia, Sydney, artist, assisting director at the theatre creating plays for the stage, learns German at A2 Level to connect to artists in Berlin, loves her cat and Yoga


Testimonial is from August 2019

German with Susanne"Learning German with Susanne has been so much fun! I had desired to attain some knowledge in German for purposes within my career in the film industry, and I couldn't have found any other teacher who is as attentive, patient, well-prepared and organised, as Susanne. Not only, she makes sure to create an encouraging and fun learning environment, well-tailored to the individual's needs. I highly recommend Susanne."

Estelle, in her 20's, from Australia, she is an actress who does filmmaking and film directing, loves photography, learns French and German, Testimonial is from March 2019



learn German with SusanneI'm a linguist and a serial language learner, so I have tried out a lot of language-learning products. I found Susanne's interactive online course German A1 Foundation -Milestone 1 to be incredibly well-structured, with small manageable lessons, and a platform that really encourages sustained use (each lesson greys out because it is completed, which is really satisfying!)

I worked on this course during a pretty busy time in my life but I was still motivated to log in each day and do at least a little bit. It is easy to squeeze in a little bit of learning, even if you only have 15 minutes. In the end it took me about a month to complete, but I could have done it much faster if I put in more time each day.

After I completed the course, I signed up for my first lesson with another German tutor (not Susanne, only because I'm in a very different timezone) and he was really impressed at my ability. I had started from zero and this course was my only method of study for a month, so he couldn't believe I was already chatting and understanding him from the beginning of our first meeting!

Definitely try it out if you want to learn some basic German!

Sara Maria, living in Malaysia, linguist and "digital nomad", speaks many languages fluently, learns German for her German trip to Berlin and because of her passion for Languages, Review from March 2019

As a beginner, I was looking for a more tailored approach to learning so decided to do private lessons, I found Susanne on The University of Sydney website and contacted her via email. 

I wanted to learn German so I would be able to communicate whilst living in Germany. I have continued to learn with Susanne long after returning to Australia as I enjoy her lessons so much! Now I'm striving to be fluent in German.

Skype lessons with Susanne are just as interactive as in person. I was sad when she moved back to Germany but Skype has enabled me to continue learning with no setbacks.

Susanne’s lessons are fun, interactive and tailored for me and the specific ways I enjoy learning.

Language can be a daunting experience with lots of frustration, Susanne is so patient and determined that I never finish a lesson feeling defeated!

Dani, 30, Sydney Australia, she loves travelling, cats, restaurants, German and she is at A2 Level


Dani from Sydney, Australia, she loves cats, travelling, restaurants and the German Language, she has been learning with me since 2015 one on one in Sydney and currently on Skype

Deutsch mit Susanne"Originally I am from Brazil and I live in Munich (München) in Germany. I am doing an apprenticeship as a preschool teacher. Because I needed help with my German classes B1/ B2 Level at school I contacted Susanne online and we met for 1-on-1 classes online on Skype. Together we prepared for the TELC German B1 Test and other Tests for my school. We practised especially reading strategies, grammar, writing business letters, invitations and protocols. Soon I found it so much easier to understand and tackle exam tasks. My grades and my performance at school improved noticeably with Susanne. I find Skype classes with Susanne really useful. Moreover are the classes on Skype convenient and flexible. Probably from September 2018 I will again take some classes with Susanne. 

Alana  Cicília, late 20's, from Brazil, pre-school teacher in Munich/ Germany, B2 Level German, I took a few months classes with Susanne in 2017 & in 2018, testimonial from september 2018

I was lucky enough to find Susanne on the internet last July when I was looking for a private tutor in German.  

German B1 with SusanneThe individual lessons we had together over a ten month period were always stimulating and fun. As I am studying for the B1 Prüfung in German we went through the appropriate course book - Studio 21 - and a variety of relevant additional material. All the four skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking were practiced on a regular basis. Susanne has prepared me very well for the Prüfung indeed.

Individual tuition has proven invaluable for me as it has allowed me to develop my skills in a supportive and friendly environment. As I work from home it was also very convenient for me to be able to go to the internet and begin my lesson, without leaving the house. Susanne was also highly flexible if I needed to rearrange a lesson at short notice.

I cannot recommend Susanne highly enough. Whether you are studying on an individual basis or would prefer to work in small groups, I am confident that learning German over the internet with Susanne will be a rewarding experience.

David passed the B1 exam at the Goethe Institut Frankfurt am Main in May 2018 with very high scores: 97 points in reading, 93 in listening, 100 in writing, 100 in speaking 

David Griffiths, originally from Birmingham, loves and plays music, Professor and Lecturer at University in Birmingham, lives near Frankfurt am Main in Germany

Pic MeI started German lessons after meeting my (very-soon-to-be) wife! So initially I wanted to surprise my then girlfriend with a few German phrases. From that came the desire to learn German as a second language as my life could very well take me to Germany on a more permanent basis. I found Suzanne’s details online and after some research and arranging a face to face meeting it was clear that her credentials were better than most I had discovered. When it came to the lessons I found that her teaching style very much suited my learning style. Susanne runs classes in a friendly and relaxed way, she is very understanding of busy work schedules and has often been very accommodating in last minute changes (sorry!). Being a native German speaker she also offers great insight into the German way of life, backing up the learning of the language with information on cultural differences, history and comparisons with the English language. She has been a huge help in my understanding of the language and I look forward to becoming as fluent as I can. Do yourself a favour and book with Suzanne!

Ben Hamilton, 36, Actor and Businessman, lives in Sydney, from the UK.


Mark-Legge-testimonial"Learning with Susanne made learning German a lot more enjoyable and quicker than other German courses I have since undertaken since moving to Germany. Susanne ensures that she explains things in a manner which is easy to understand, which I’ve found is very important for German. I only spent around 2 months with Susanne before moving to Germany, but in that time learnt a lot, which has really helped me since arriving. I would definitely recommend Susanne to anyone looking to learn a language, no matter what level they are at."

Mark Legge, 26 years young, studying Masters in International Business Management (in Bonn Germany) , from Sydney Australia, German Level A1, I taught Mark in 2016

private-lessons-testimonial-Tilly"I have been wanting to learn German for years, but have always been put off by the thought of an intimidating bearded German teacher berating me in front of a group of people.

Private German lessons were my answer, and a teacher who is young and incredibly considerate. Susanne teaches a conversational German that does not feel antiquated - whilst she is strict about grammar it does not feel like you will come out of her lessons speaking a stilted essay-like German, but rather a German of the now. She is open minded, accommodating and fun to learn with.

Language classes in the past I may have dreaded, but I have been learning with her for four months now and I look forward to every lesson. She manages to keep to the speed of your learning ability, yet also teach you new things, in a way that easily breaks down German and doesn't make it seem an insurmountable task. I would recommend her for anyone who doesn't want to learn German in a stale way, but instead enjoy the entire experience of learning German."

Tilly Lawless, 23, Student , Sydney , German Level A1, I have been teaching Tilly for a year since early 2016 and she is progressing to A2 Level in 2017


“I found Susanne to be a great teacher. Lessons were always well thought out and planned, and I never had any questions unanswered. There was always a good amount of homework set, and schedules were very flexible with Skype classes even offered. I really enjoyed my classes with her and learnt a lot!”


Oliver Stulajter, Student, Sydney, German Level B1 , I taught Oliver regular private lessons from 2015-2016 for 4 hours weekly over the course of 2 years from 2014- 2016 until he started studying as an exchange student in Germany

Brigitte-Handley"I started learning German with Susanne after traveling between Germany and Australia with a very basic few words and passion for language learning. Susanne, helped me so much with the practical side of learning German as well as the confidence and practice to be able to speak and express myself in a new language.

I had previously been to a few short uni courses and other private teachers in Sydney but found that Susanne has such a great understanding and way of explaining things to me that made sense allowed me to learn German in a relaxed, fun environment... she even made all the difficult grammar and structure of the language not so daunting and overwhelming like I'd experienced with previous teachers.

Susanne's teaching skills, grasp of the language and pronunciation, being a native German speaker, combined with her first-hand insight into the culture, country and history behind the language and it's people and also being able to explain detailed things in English was such an amazing help and made learning the language such a wonderful and enriching experience.

I'm living in Germany now and I know I will never stop learning about this fantastic language and culture and I really have Susanne to thank for setting me on the right path from the beginning."


Brigitte Handley, from Sydney, living in Köln Germany, Musician /Singer, German Level C1/C2, I have been teaching Brigitte in 2013,2014 and 2015 before she moved to Germany

william-otto"I have attended German Courses run by Susanne for several years at the Sydney university CCE. Susanne combines the prescribed material with material from cultural and topical sources to present an entertaining and engaging course. Her style is encouraging and she challenges her students. As a complete beginner to the German language, I have gained a working knowledge of the spoken and written tongue."

William Otto, 57, bus operator, Bangor NSW, student at the CCE Sydney University, German Level B2, I have been teaching William from 2010 A1 Level up until 2015 B2 Level

image1"We are professional opera singers, looking to pursue careers in Germany. We found Susanne online, and thought her credentials, flexible timetable and artistic background was very appealing. Susanne is knowledgable about both the language and how to teach it, and is very generous with her time and resources. Would highly recommend to any aspiring German learners!"

Zoe & Damian, opera singers, Sydney, German B1 Level , Zoe and Damian took private lessons over the course of 1,5 years, both of them are looking for work as professional opera singers in Germany or Europe

homepage-testimonial"I have studied German in the University of Sydney for 3 years now. I´ve always chosen Susanne´s classes because I believe she is a very good German teacher. Since the first class with Susanne I´ve noticed that she always go the extra mile providing all help, material and patience the students need for learning such a difficult language as German. Also she is very nice and friendly!! She definetively makes the german-learning experience real fun!"

"Empecé a estudiar alemán en la Universidad de Sydney desde hace 3 años. El primer curso que hice fue en el grupo de Susanne y desde entonces siempre he elegido continuar en su grupo porque creo que Susanne es una gran profesora así como persona. Con Susanne siempre encontrarás la ayuda, el material y la paciencia necesaria para aprender un idioma tan complicado como el alemán, además ¡Susanne es muy cercana y amigable con sus alumnos! Sin duda hace de aprender alemán una experiencia muy divertida"

Juan Carlos Talamantes, 35 , engineer, living in Sydney, from Madrid Spain, studying German Language at Sydney University, Level B1, I have been teaching Juan from 2013 A1 until 2016 B1 Level

IMG_7237I've studied German with Susanne Richter in classes at Sydney University and the University of New South Wales, and continued studying with private lessons. In all settings she's been friendly, professional, and effective. She's kept me accountable without being overly strict, and made it fun without drifting off topic. I definitely recommend her as a language teacher.

Karl Olson, tour guide in Sydney, 33 , from Sydney/ Australia, German Level A1

IMG_0649 copySusanne couldn’t have been a better teacher in helping me develop my German skills.  She is extremely friendly, supportive and understanding, and gave me an enormous amount of confidence, especially in speaking the language.  Susanne has a strong focus on conversation, and not just on rote learning.  I particularly like the way she guides you in the right grammar and vocabulary while supporting creative conversation.  Her lessons are always dynamic and interesting, and she is extremely flexible in being able to cater to the needs of students with differing levels of ability.

Tim Horton, Sydney, German Level B1, I have been teaching Tim for a few years now and he will be starting  B2 Level in 2017

Learn German with fun and clarity!
I really enjoyed all the lessons I had with Susanne. She provided clear explanation of the grammar and taught me many vocabularies, sentence structure etc that are relevant to everyday life. I moved to Berlin 6 months ago and with Susanne's help, I had built a good foundation for my German which made my transition from Sydney to here much easier and less stress!

Diane, 23, Sydney University - Bachelor of Health Science, living in Berlin since Jan. 2016, post from 2016

I required the A1 German certificate for visa purposes for my job at Red Bull and Susanne helped me to prepare successfully for the test in March/ April 2017 and I passed it in April 2017 at the Goethe Institute in Edgecliff in Sydney.

   I really enjoyed learning with Susanne, she has a great teaching style & was very thorough and patient.  I had a fantastic experience learning with Susanne. She made it a very enjoyable experience.  Susanne is a very talented teacher and I would absolutely recommend Susanne to anyone wanting to learn German.
Paola Cracknell, 31 years of age, International Culture Communications Manager for Red Bull , she is learning German for her job at Red Bull. Their headquarters are in Austria. Paola preferred not no provide a photo of herself.

Enjoy reading more Testimonials written in German language from students of and B2 & C1 Level on my German page here

IMG-20170328-WA0000We learned German from Susanne for a few months in preparation for our move to Berlin. I studied level B1 while Saxon studied level A1. Susanne was very accommodating to our specific needs, we bought a 10 hour package each and would go one after the other, meaning Susanne would teach Saxon for two hours then me for two hours. Susanne was always very attentive and happy during our sessions and always gave us homework as well as happily sending us more if we finished it all early. If we requested to learn something specific she would always oblige but also guided us easily through our sessions. She was always happy to receive questions from us and was always quick to reply to emails. There was no stress, she made everything nice and easy. Our time with Susanne was fantastic, she is a very approachable and friendly woman and we always felt very comfortable with her! 

Rachel S. and Saxon, B1 and A1 Level, are moving to Berlin in April'17, took lessons in Feb./March '17

Rachel & Saxon, B1 and A1 Level German, originally from Sydney, moving to Berlin in April '17, post from February/March 2017 






















































































































































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