word combinations

Internalise German Word Combinations
Enhance Your Conversations

I have created 2 online courses for you that will bring your German conversational skills alive. Listen, record and practise an interesting mix of contemporary german word combinations and often used noun-verb combinations and enjoy the diverse range of interactive exercises woven into a cute and inspiring story within a very well thought out theme.


learn not only 8 - 9 useful word combinations in each course and internalise them

but also a variety of phrases and expressions

feel confident in using the combinations in your german speaking interactions

feel the flow of a course that carries you through a theme and a story

learn creatively and intuitively

be surprised by a unique learning experience that feels effortless

try free single lessons within the course

100% money back if you feel not satisfied
"The design of this course is awesome, I love it and it looks professional. I feel like I'm at some Uni or Goethe course:) The main idea, starting with 8 nouns and then slowly building up into the full conversation is something really new, I liked it and it kept my attention. I also loved that full explanation after multiple choice test, it really shows dedication and attention to details. It is nice that it gets more and more challenging with progression."
Vuk Aleksic
"I very much enjoyed this interactive course. The pronunciations and instructions are clear and easy to follow. The best part was the slow progression to competency - starting with simple vocabulary recognition and pronunciation, to finally actual sentence usage. Also very helpful was the ability to record your pronunciation to play it back. The ability to record yourself and compare to the actual pronunciation was invaluable. I would highly recommend this course."
Jeremy Milliken
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